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Yawalapiti Breasts

So the other night, while the football game I was watching was on a commercial, I was flipping through the other stations to see what was going on. To my amazement, I came across a screen full of breasts. No, I don’t subscribe to the Playboy channel. This was coming to me direct from the Travel Channel.

Tribal Odyssey: The Yawalapiti from the Amazon
The Yawalapiti live in a remote natural habitat in the Amazon known as the Xingu National Park. They are a hugely decorative tribe that has many shamanic ceremonies. The Yawalapiti are also a wrestling tribe with many sexual games. The film follows the tribe as a recent lunar eclipse initiates a ceremony to protect against spirits.

Much like you’ll find in most National Geographic magazines, the nice people at the Travel Channel thought it would be just fine for us to see some Amazon breasts. A full hours worth no less.

Now, my problem today isn’t necessarily that they are flashing boobs on cable (although I do have issue with that as well). No, my problem is that they didn’t even see fit to give these fine women any blur action. We freak out over Janet Jackson’s three second wardrobe malfunction, but have no trouble with an hours worth of indigenous breasts. It’s as if they are saying they are not real people. Like they are less than human.

Please. Do tell. Why are the indigenous breasts not worthy of a blur?

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