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May Debrief

Well May was certainly busy.

I’m not sure how people with multiple children deal with it, but Tanner had Little League twice a week and that just felt a little crazy to me. We were constantly on the run. Regardless, we were still able to fit in some fun things this month.

1. We became the proud owners of Rock Band 2 this month. We haven’t come up with our band name yet, but we’ve been practicing like crazy for our tour. Our first single will be a cover of Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Seriously, this is a great game, and we’ve loved learning it.

2. For my third year in a row, and first for Tonia, we attended the Change Without Compromise conference at NorthRidge Church. Every year I go it’s like a steroid shot of creativity, innovation, and mission. Kudos to Brad Powell, staff and volunteers for another great experience!

3. That same weekend our church continued to break the mold of what the local church looks like by closing our doors on Sunday. Instead went out and served our community in tangible ways. Our primary goal was to serve our community, but our secondary goal was to hammer home the fact that the church is not a building. For that we designed a shirt intended to compliment that idea, and as you would expect we got some feedback from it (more on that to come). It was a great day, capped off with some worship in the park! We hope to do many more just like it.

4. After 6 years at our house, I finally have a garage that I can store stuff in. Prior to that it’s been, well, a mess. It’s housed other people’s cars and canoes, raccoons and cats, dirt and garbage. After a nice long weekend it has been totally cleaned out and I’m now getting quotes to possibly take it to the next level—a poured cement pad, a new garage door, siding, and roof. Of course it will probably take another 6 years to complete that.

5. I celebrated a milestone on the blog in May, and for the occasion I wrote a ridiculously long post. At the end I attempted to give a bunch of stuff away and learned that I’m not very good at giving things away.

6. I read only 2 books this month, but they were both really good. The first was Twilight, and I was surprised to learn how close the movie was to the book (quite the opposite feeling I got after reading then watching Angel’s and Demon’s). The other book was Stumbling on Happiness, which turned out to be a lot different than expected, but that wasn’t a bad thing! I recommend both to anyone looking for a good read.

7. And finally, May was a huge movie month for me. I watched 26 overall (the most ever), but most surprisingly I watched 5 in the theater this month (the most ever). That’s more than I watched in a theater all of last year. UP was definitely the best of the bunch, but I had a great time at all of them, especially the company around me!

Books Read:
Stumbling On Happiness

Movies Watched:
The Pacifier – 2/5
X-Men Origins: Wolverine – 3/5
Frost/Nixon – 5/5
Drillbit Taylor – 3/5
Duma – 4/5
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- 3/5
John Q – 4/5
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – 2/5
What Doesn’t Kill You – 4/5
Star Trek – 4/5
Flawless – 3/5
Angels & Demons – 3/5
Yes Man – 3/5
Bangkok Dangerous – 3/5
Stand By Me – 5/5
Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jr. – 3/5
Terminator Salvation – 3/5
Sleepy Hollow – 3/5
Paul Blart: Mall Cop – 2/5
Pineapple Express – 2/5
Love Actually – 3/5
Domino – 2/5
Fanboys – 4/5
UP – 5/5
Apocalypse Now – 5/5
Sneakers – 4/5

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