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Christian Swear Words

I was listening to a radio program the other day and they were discussing the “Christian” swear words that we use. First they started off by having people call in and spill the beans on all the words they use, then they dove into whether or not it was right for us to use those words. Overall it was an interesting hour of discussion and thought it would make for a good post. So let’s jump into both questions:

1. What Christian swear words do you use?

2. Should we be using those words? Why or Why Not?

(My list of biggest offenders would probably be Dang, Dang-it, Jeez, Crap, Dad Gum It, Fart Knocker)

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  1. mudpuppy says:

    As a side note, we were watching 24 the other night and Jack Bauer said “Dammit” and Tanner repeated it. First time for that. Then Tonia told him not to say that word and he said, “But Grandma Kirk says that all the time.” (For those who don’t know the Kirks, Grandpa Kirks’ name is Dennis, which is what Tanner thought he said.) We got a pretty good laugh at that, but it still made us more aware that somebody is hanging on every word we say or listen to.

  2. Huh? says:

    We had a debate on “Aw shucks” last week. I think it is ok…Oh nuts??? Oh rats??Oh shooey???

  3. Pete says:

    profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger;

    I don’t think that the actual word makes any difference. I think it is the emotion or feeling behind the speaking of the word.. You can make any word a curse word.

  4. billy b says:

    first of, mad ups to you my brother for switching over to wordpress. the switch was hard for me at first but well worth it. Big uPs

    second. the wasson says you are a cubs fan. this would lead me to the logical conculsion that you should move to the az for the month of march. and join us in our quest to see 4 games a week. Also cubs play about 20min from my house.

    thrid. I kinda have a potty mouth. most of the time that I feel the need to swear, I drop the real thing. Its somthing that I fight with.

    fourth. well I just like the look of a four point reply.


  5. Greg says:

    Not to pimp out my blog, but I shared my thoughts on the matter a while ago:

    Christian Swearing

  6. mudpuppy says:


    Pedro-Fo Shizzle

    Billy-Cubs rock! (They also give rise to the topic at hand) I would LOVE to come down and live in Zona every March. I’ve been there twice for Spring Training and can’t wait to get down there again. Looks like I’m going to have to make a plan for it now. (let me know how Juan Peirre is doing…)

    Greg-This is also why I link to you! :) You seriously have some good ground work for a book on the subject. I would encourage you to work that out and let me know when it’s available to purchase. Good stuff!

  7. Greg says:

    A book, huh?

    A book on why Christians should be allowed to drop the F-bomb when approriate, written by a half-rate graduate student.

    I don’t see that happening!

  8. dave says:

    Is a taco that a Christian might eat any different than a taco anyone else who is not might eat?

    Swearing is swearing. A bad word is a bad word. I try to avoid all of them, but a human sized temper and a desire to be heard makes it sometimes impossible.

    I don’t like using words that are considered “profane” by anyone, but there are circumstances that naughty words of frustration come forth from the mouth of this little christian.

    Oh, and if you can read Greek, the decent saint Paul did too, but I am sure everyone learned that little tidbit in junio high.

    Spring Training is great Russel, if you and the fam ever want to travel down, you are always welcome to stay at our place!

  9. michelle says:

    a certain person said this one once and I got a kick out of it “gotdownswuminaditch”
    I also listened to the same talk show. great topic.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The primary difference between words which can be spoken in polite company, such as “copulation”, “feces” and “genitals”, and those which would make a sailor blush is simple: class. The vernacular of the lower class is different from yours and mine. Something tells me a benevolent God hardly cares about the words we choose to describe particular concepts. Personally, I think our Lord has more important things to do with His time than nitpick our adjectives and interjections.

    In my view, there’s nothing more profane in this world than poverty, war and bigotry. Guard your words all you want. If you’re complicit in society’s sins, you’ve got bigger worries on Judgement Day. What have you done to end hunger, conflict and hate lately?

    If you ask me, Christians should feed the f_cking poor and embrace the f_cking ostracized. If a few of us happen to drop an F-bomb while we’re at it, Jesus has our back. After all, we’re carrying out His message, even if in our own crude tongue.

  11. mudpuppy says:

    Dad-gum-it! I go and give up on this post, upset that it didn’t generate any good discussions, then post a more inflammatory post and Anonymous goes and gives this one mouth to mouth.

    Thank you for interjecting. I agree with you for the most part. (hope you weren’t surprised) There are far more important things in this life to worry about than finding the blurred line of vulgarity and staying on the safe side. And personally I do quite a few things to try to cure social ills, both home and abroad, but I won’t get into specifics because I don’t do them to toot my own horn.

    The purpose of my post was to hopefully shed some light on our use of words and the blinders we all wear. We constantly use words without regard. For Christians to think that using “public safe” words are any different than their secular counterparts is just plain silly. It is obviously the emotion within that is the deeper issue. But I do think there is a line that is there. I’m just sort of curious of where it is. I think euphemisms are pretty close to the line if not over it. But I’m really not sure that saying “MAN!” is really deep down another way of dropping the F-bomb.

    Honestly I’d like to say a little more on this, but I’m really tired and need to get to bed. Hopefully you’ve stirred a little thinking in the minds of my other readers and we can pick this up soon.

    Again, thank you for your candor!

  12. mudpuppy says:

    ps. Did you just refer to yourself as a higher class, then drop down into the lower class type of language later in the discussion? Or was that done to drive home a point? It’s late. I need sleep… :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    “Vulgarity” is relative and ever-changing. Good Christians used to burn people alive for saying the Earth is spherical. My point was that our words are irrelevant. Actions are where it’s at. The Third Commandment tells us we should not take the Lord’s name in vain. I say we’re doing just that when we call ourselves Christians but fail to heed His Word. Gotta love the Beatitudes.

  14. rick says:

    i think it’s easier to say, “i’m doing the will of God” and that be “using the Lord’s name in vain” than any other way we might use it as cursing. people who speak as godly as they can, and then who don’t love people or who don’t grow together in Christ – that’s bogus, and more harmful to His honor and glory than a few f-bombs. but that just might be me.

  15. Tom says:

    I guess Paul is just not as enlightened as some of those posting here. Guess he’s just a little behind the times. Please forgive me for the words mentioned here….ah, well, they’re just words….

    Ephesians 5

    1Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children 2and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

    3But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people. 4Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving. 5For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person—such a man is an idolater—has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.

    Somehow, I get the idea that our words, and what they mean, are very important to God.

    Be relevant in our message, using words, but not so relevant with the world that we have no message. There is a place for holiness.

    Sorry, anonymous, the social gospel has already been tried, and failed. Logos is the true gospel. That is John’s name for Jesus….the Logos….the Word!

    Words are a matter of life and death. Never think they’re not.

  16. Tom says:

    Ephesians 4:29-32 (New International Version)

    29Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 30And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 31Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

  17. Tanning says:

    Good day!
    Thanks for the great information.
    Your post was inspiring.

  18. Mike says:

    good discussion, thanks to Tom for bringing it back to point. . .

  19. Allan says:

    Well, this is all well and nice isn’t it. Now, did any of you know that the word shit occurs in the Bible? Wow, where are your stones you fundamentalist evangelical you? It’s actually in Philippians 3:8, which should read something like: “What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish (skubala, ‘shit’), that I may gain Christ.” Now, what does this teach us, obviously that the writer of Philippians cussed in the same sentence as which he used the name Jesus. I feel inspired.

    • sarah says:

      Unfortunately you miss the point! In biblical speaking words were used to refer to an actual thing. As in the ass that they rode or the damnation of ones soul. When these words are taken out of context and used as slang they are intended to be foul and course instead of descriptive. As in, “my buddy got drunk and made an ass out of himself”. Bottom line is so many of you defenders of swearing are the same ones who only believe from the bible what is convenient to your chosen lifestyle. I’m far from perfect but I’m not going to pretend that’s its ok for me to pick and choose what’s important from the word of God, and just skip over the rest. It’s all important and He gave us rules for a reason, for our own good. Just as our parents gave us rules as children. We didn’t like it then, but we were to immature to understand the importance of their guidance. Same goes for this part of life as a Christian, we don’t understand all of Christ’s reasons for the rules He gave us but that doesn’t make them any less valuable. There is a reason, a good one, and someday He will reveal it to us all IF we obey Him now.

  20. Leighanne says:

    God wants us to guard our tongues and to be careful of our anger. Being angry is fine, it’s a given part of life, but saying anything, whether it is the f-bomb or just frig, ur intention is still the same and your still allowing your anger to take the better of you. I dont think it matters so much as to what you say, but why you said it. Most people say things like that out of anger, frustration, or irritation but your letting your emotions get the better of you and your not guarding your tongue or taking control. We are, as Christians, one body and whatever one part does, it affects all parts. When we swear, or just say a replacement, we are affecting all other Christians and for that matter, everybody. By you saying something, it can tempts others, make them angry, and I dont think God smiles upon it.

  21. mudpuppy says:

    Leighanne – If one is the same as the other, would saying Ouch! be the same?

  22. Tweety says:

    In the past I used the Lord’s name frequently and disgustingly, I was not shy about it and offended many people sometimes on purpose. With practice I quit and never, ever call God’s name unless in praise or in gratitude. I do use the A-H and F-word frequently in jest, very rarely in anger. I know it can offend. I talk to my therapist about it, he is personally offended by the F-word, but said ‘those words are sometimes best to express real feelings when other ‘clean’ words fail to do so. I do not use them to curse anyone out. Although I am somewhat conflicted, I agree that there are far more offensive behaviors I need to avoid. From my experience my parent’s so-called ‘clean words’ have created far more psychological, emotional and spiritual abuse in me and my siblings than A-H or F-word ever could.

  23. […] found another Christian blog that addressed this issue, and one of the comments made really sums up how I feel about this issue, […]

  24. frankadeche says:

    Well that old fox herod ! sure would wonder what Jesus meant when he said so. Jesus cussed the Fig tree that did not bear fruit wow ! am sure he did not say hey loving blessed fig tree i cuss you and it stopped growing .

    um ” you generation of vipers” etc surely if he was around today i reckon he would have called them a lot more stuff .

    He made a whip of thongs and whipped them and said This is a house of prayer not a den of theives . He gve them a good ass whupping and called them gangbangers . cmon guys if you say f- shit and i say doggone it which one does edify ? none really but well still it aint easy getting angry nicely ! Fox it .

  25. Brian (aka Charlie) says:

    Oh shit, you guys crack me up. I’m on the floor pissing my pants. How ironic is this. Philippians 4:3 calls our religion shit and Isaiah 64:6 calls it bloody tampons. So does anyone else see that it is your stupid religion that sets up these rules that aren’t in the Bible. Let me guess, it’s wrong to drink and smoke too? Jesus drank. And there are more verses in the Bible about damned Unicorns then smoking and swearing combined. There are people who I get to witness too because of my vocabulary. I get to tell them about the atonement of their sins through Jesus Christ and I get to preach repentance to them. The Lord gave us language and I’ll use it to the boundaries that the Bible blatantly and clearly defines (Lying, gossiping, and sinning) and use it to share the bitchin’ news. Should you swear in the presents of women and children? Hell no. We should care for widows and orphans like James says true religion does. Cut the religious crap. Worship Jesus. Cheers…oh sorry I forgot one…fart knocker.

  26. Charlie (aka Brian) says:

    Damn Brian,

    You really said it. Jesus hung out with a bunch of blue collar workers, and I honestly don’t think that they never let an Aramaic ‘shitballs’ slip out or a Greek ‘motherfucker’ seriously. Think about it the paraphrases, not unlike the religious folk here on this lame message board, they were constantly on Jesus’ case for his breaking of their stupid rules. They then killed God. Damn sons a bitches.

  27. mudpuppy says:

    @ Brian/Charlie: It is possible to make a point without vulgar language. To be honest, when people can’t control themselves (such as yourself) I lose respect for the valid points they are trying to make. They come across as ignorant and undisciplined, and silly.

    And FYI, on this blog you are in the presence of women and children.

    Oh, and pretending to be two different people is lame too.

  28. James says:

    I see no mention here of expletives such as “Jesus H Christ” or “Oh my God” which I find more offensive than the so called F-Bomb. Blasphemous use of the Lord’s name I think is worse than vulgarity, which should be used in the correct context.

  29. J says:

    Ok first I have to say I am not religious but my wifes family is.When I go over there I here them use words to replace things I would say.
    For example I say oh my god I try not to but it happens they will say oh my gosh or goodness.Another is drat instead of sh__ or dang gone it.That one I have no idea what that replaces.
    Heres my take on it if you know in your heart you been to drop a “F” bomb and you use say freakin.In my mind you just dropped a “F” bomb.My 17 yr old step and his friends use “freakin”instead you the other and I tell then that you should just say it since its what you mean.
    I personel try dont to use gods name in cuss words but it happens.It bothers me but I have no problem say WTF or S.O.B. etc etc.Since I feel these terms was not around in the times of Jesus and what not.
    So what Im getting at if you say dang and mean damn just say damn.Now if you are a chirstian you should really think of better ways to express yourself.Try a thesaurus.I had to use one in my american literature class because Mr.Moore wanted us to expand on our vocabulary.That is my need and if u want to tell me what you think my email is.
    please use subject cuss words thanks
    J Reynolds 005

  30. will80 says:

    Guys, guys, guys… Clearly the only cuss/curse word is the Lord’s name. See third commandment. Beyond that it is semantics.

    Semantics -meaning the words associated definition among the group of people using it.

    There are groups where some of the words listed here do not offend. In those places those words are not vulgar, obscene or unwholesome. They are regular adjectives.

    Really its about watching/understanding your audience and knowing what you can and can’t say in certain places or company that makes certain words “unwholesome.”

    The end result is that we technically are free to say what we want when the necessary words are warranted (minus the Lord’s name of course.)

  31. SECRET says:

    Ohh…. Phoey? I dont know what to say. I have been cursing for a while now (and I’m 12) because, well, everyone does it. But to us things like “dang it” and dad gom it” are nothing! Nothing, nothing, nothing! Neither are piss, bitch, crap, or damn! We also say things like fuck, bastard, shit, and everything else without hesitating! And the funny part is, is that we’re mostly all Christians. So I guess we should probably stop… shit. haha just kidding. Okay, we are going to stop starting….. NOW!!

  32. joshua says:

    Personally I have been having issues for a while over weather or not swearing in appropriate company is ok. I am still unsure about this but the point remains that posting vulgarities (even if you don’t consider them to be) on a board where others will be offended is most definitely not what a holy man should do.(or woman) There may in fact be situations where swearing may not be a sin but others such as here or in the presence of someone you do not know it is better to be on the safe side. In private mabey but in public the main thing you do is demean yourself and the message you bring. If someone who does not know you but knows you are a christian hears you swearing then they might think christians to be hypocrites. It is usually better to be on the safe side of things. Even if you are sure you are right, is there even a remote possibility of being wrong, if so try to refrain from such speak in public where those who do not know you well enough to understand might hear you. God expects a high level of restraint of christians and that (in my opinion) does not mean edging to line but being as close to god as possible(without of course acting holier than thau). I personally think that using substitutes for swearing are around the same level as swearing themselves.

    (Note that I never said that swearing itself is sin, my point is that in many cases it demeans others opinion of you etc…)

  33. Sean says:

    Well here goes. I’ve been a Christian for nearly 30 years, and am passionate for Christ. What I have never been able to figure out is why the alternative word for poop, which we all know as “shit” is unacceptable for us to utter as Christians, or utter around others in polite company. Same with the words “Intercourse” and “F–k”. What differentiates the word “Shit” from the word “Poop”. Nothing, really, only the fact that over the course of time it became socially unacceptable to say it in polite company. WHY??? Come on, the 2 words mean exactly the same thing. The Apostle Paul used the Greek version of the word in Philippians and probably offended someone who read it at the time, but that word is translated in our bibles in English as “rubbish”. Not even the most liberal translations use the equivalent English word. Having said that, I am not one who regularly swears. And is “shit” really a swear word? Not in the strictest sense. And, I can’t stand it when someone uses expletives every other word in a sentence. It only shows their ignorance of social skills and the English language. I don’t take the Lord’s name in vain. However, like all of us who are human, I get frustrated with work and life and occasionally let one slip, usually the aforementioned S word, and very very occasionally the F bomb. Do I feel I have to ask forgiveness for it every odd time I utter it? No. It helps to bring a moment of relief in a frustrating or riduculous situation. Do I do it often? No. I’ve never used it or any other “swear” words in front of my kids. I occasionally let it go in front of my wife, or co workers, two of who are also believers, One of them is my son in law, one of the most spiritual young Christians I know and he also occasionally lets one slip in a moment of frustration. And all of us co-workers are guys and as you know, guys will sometimes act like boys. As to the non believer amongst my co workers, he knows I am a passionate Christian, and he knows I’m not perfect, as none of us are. Life gets to us sometimes. Sometimes we slip. We get back up & press on to the goal. Having said all this, I firmly believe that we should live our lives according to the Spirit, and He will guide us in the Way if we let Him. And that includes improving our speech and Not reacting to life in ways that tend to frustrate us. But let’s not get caught up in a stupid debate on whether Christians should swear. Of course not. But we sometimes do. SO as to using the word “Shit” if you know you’re going to offend someone or cause them to stumble, or if you use it inappropriately in front of an unbeliever, who knows you’re a believer, that’s a different matter. I would say avoid it. But there was a reason there was a cross. In this life we cannot achieve perfection, but we strive onward to the goal.

  34. steven says:

    So…what shall we say then? Shall we swear that grace may abound?

    I appreciate reading (most of) the posts on this topic. I was looking to answer the question, “If Christians should not swear, what do they do in those times of frustrations?”

    I have forever heard about the euphemisms and why we should not use them. (my favorite was “Good Grief” from Charlie Brown) but all in all, it does not answer a more pressing question. “What DO we say?”

    I would agree with those who do not think we should use the obviously vulgar language. (Suprised no one had defined “Vulgar” yet) But the substitutes for such 4 letter words should be considered also.

    The expressions of frustrations seem to me to be a normal part of life and yet I wonder if it is so that we have to use anything at all as a “word” of frustration?
    A professor at a Christian college once said in his lecture “That’s Bull!” and I asked him about it. He had never heard anyone think of that as being used as a shorten form of Cow dung.
    I must confess that I think different parts of the country will see this differently. Don’t get me started on the British and Australian use of words. Very colorful (or is that “colourful”?)

    I would suggest that there are, as always, two rules to apply to a phrase or a word that we use and it is rooted in Love

    1) what do WE mean by it. If we say one thing while thinking another, while we may fool the hearers, we do not fool God and should not decieve ourselfs.

    2) What offense might we cause to others. I know that we can not live our lifes in constant fear of offending others–it goes back to intent. Yet, if we use a word and then claim “but I was just joking!” or “others use it”, then shame on us.

    3) perhaps at third is just to be aware. If you pick up a phrase from your buddies at work or school who are not Christians and you are told by your parents that it is not a good word to use, give it some credence. Think before we speak.

  35. Jeff says:

    The BIG ONE that I hear Is FREAKIN and it is very clear that it is being used in a way that is un GODLY but Christians use it all the time

  36. Henry says:

    Jimeny Crickets!

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